First and foremost, your Constitutional rights are my focal point.  In the Criminal Law arena these are dominant - more than in any other area of practice.  Your Due Process rights will be the framework of my legal services. 

I will provide a FREE evaluation and consultation of your legal matter, and will speak with you in response to your concerns.  When we complete our initial conference, you will be able to make an informed decision as to whether you need a lawyer, and what my fees would be for representing you.  In the event I do not have an immediate answer to your questions, research will be conducted on your behalf.      

My goal is to place your case in the best possible perspective and thus obtain the most favorable results.  No case can or will be concluded without your pre-approval.  We shall work together from beginning to a successful conclusion.  Of course, all information exchanged between us is treated as strictly privileged and confidential.

I look forward to our professional relationship.

Felicia Woods-Yates, Attorney at Law

My office may be able to obtain favorable results for you !  I have been in practice for over 35 years, and have a very high success rate !  Please contact our office today for a FREE case evaluation at (760) 326-LAWS (5297) or (702) 817-4661 - Call Anytime !

Felicia Woods-Yates, 
Attorney at Law

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